What is the most

What is the most visited unesco world heritage site?


According to UNSECO, the most visited Unesco World Heritage Site is The Great Wall of China which has 43 million average annual visitors. Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania is another popular tourism destination with over 38 million tourists annually. The ancient city of Petra in Jordan also has a huge number of tourists, who usually visit the site during the summer months. The most popular World Heritage Sites in USA are Yellowstone Park and Statue of Liberty, who attracts more than 32 million tourists every year. Last but not the least is the pyramids of Giza which attracts more than 26 million visitors annually. The Top 10 Most Visited Unesco World Heritage Sites are as follows: 1-The Great Wall of China (43 million visitors)2-Mount Kilimanjaro (38 million tourists)3-The ancient city of Petra (37 million tourists)4-Yellowstone National Park (32 million tourists)5-Statue of Liberty (28 million tourists)6-Disneyland Park (26 million tourists)7-Papal Palace in Vatigny (26 million tourists)8-California Missions National Historical Park (25 million tourists)9-Lafayette Park in Washington D.C.(23 million tourists)10-Alexander III’s Parliament in Sofia.The Great wall is the only Unesco World Heritage Site which has been listed as the number one most visited tourist spot by both Unesco and national governments alike. On a worldwide scale, Mount Kilimanjaro leads with 18%, followed by Disney World with 13%. Among Unesco World Heritage Sites, Petra has 12% share in global visitation rates and Yosemite National Park has 10%. More than 90% visitors to Yellowstone National Park come from USA alone while Statue of Liberty attracts 65% comes from USA alone.

What is the most important UNESCO heritage site?

The most important UNESCO heritage site is the Sistine Chapel in Vatican City, Vatican City, Italy. The reason for this being is because of the Creation of Adam and Eve fresco by Michelangelo Buonarroti.The Sistine Chapel is one of the most iconic frescoes in history and one that greatly influenced art across centuries to come. It was painted by Italian artist Michelangelo Buonarroti beginning on 8 May 1508 and it took him nearly six years to complete the fresco.The fresco itself is renown for its creation of a sense of real life and movement portrayed within the scenes which depicts Creation of Adam and Eve by God in a Garden, as well as The Expulsion Of Adam And Eve From The Garden From God’s command. This was not just an exhibition piece but also an active part of worship within the chapel.

What are the best UNESCO World Heritage Sites to visit?

The best UNESCO World Heritage Sites to visit are:1). Borobudur Temple in Indonesia2). Temple of Heaven in Beijing, China3). Taj Mahal in India4). Forbidden City in Beijing, China5). Great Wall of China in China6). Summer Palace in Beijing, China7). Old Town of Peking, China8). The Great Wall of China in North America. USA has the most ancient and highest cement wall that called Military defensive wall which keep a people safe and stops the invasions. The history is more than 1000 years old in USA.The Great Wall of China is located on the US-China border. It’s a symbol of international friendship and trust. We hope that more people know about this fantastic work of mankind.

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