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What is the most common blood type in the world


The most common blood type in the world is O, followed by A and B. People with this type of blood are often referred to as ‘O- bloods’.People with O- blood are called ‘O Bloods’ and they make up about 52% of the population. They also have the highest average income of all blood types in the world.The second most common type is A-blood, which accounts for nearly 38% of the population. This blood group carries a mild form of anaemia.The least common type of blood is B-blood, which shows up in about 11% of the world’s population. They are also leaner than people with other blood types, which may account for their increased incidence.

What are the 3 rarest blood types?

There are few rare blood types, but the three most rare ones are:1. A rare red blood cell type called Rh-(-) called ‘RBC-Dysox’ has been discovered in a newborn baby girl in the UK in 2017.2. A rare blood type (OT) which only occurs in 1 in 10 million people has been found at a university in Australia. It is known as Hetero-Dysox and causes an extremely painful condition called O-Transfusion. People with Hetero-Dysox often develop infections as their body’s immune system can’t fight off germs as well as people with other blood types.3. A rare blood type (Pi) was detected for the first time ever at a hospital in Japan earlier this year. Pi is a condition where the red blood cells have become so small that they can pass through a hole the size of a fine [‘hair] without getting stuck or damaged.

What is the rarest blood type in the world?

The rarest blood type is O (nothing). The next rarest is A (only one percent of the world’s population has this blood type). Please note: There are only two blood types, not three. A+ blood type is actually a combination of A and B, and there is no ‘O-type’ in existence.

Most common blood type (blood group) in the world?

The World’s Most Dangerous Blood Type

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