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What is the most cheapest car in the world


According to research, the most inexpensive car that you can buy is the 2016 Yaris T compact hatchback from Toyota. The 2016 Yaris has a starting price of just over $14,000, which comes with a 1.5-liter 4-cylinder engine and front-wheel drive. It will set you back about $200 per month for fuel alone.The 2016 Yaris is one of the cheapest cars available, and it comes equipped with a great selection of safety features like traction control, anti-lock brakes, and front seatbelt pretensioners. It has decent performance and handling for its price class as well. With all these features combined, the 2016 Yaris is one of the best cars that you can buy for under $15,000.

Which car is the cheapest in the world?

The car that is the cheapest in the world is the Toyota Yaris I4 1.5L Petrol which costs just ?9,995 in the UK.

What is the cheapest car but nice?

The cheapest but nice car is Chevrolet cruze.it comes with leather seats and small engine.

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