What is the most

What is the second most dangerous bite in the world


The second most dangerous bite in the world is the brown snake, on the back of your hand or neck. It has neurotoxic venom, which attacks the nerves and can paralyse you. Despite their common name, not all brown snakes are brown, but rather a variety of desert species.Brown snakes are found in North America and are also called racer snakes because they move very quickly. These snakes often enter buildings to hunt mice and rats. They have up to eleven subspecies, which vary in length from 35 centimeters to 3 meters (11 to 10 feet) and can weigh up to one pound (0.44 kilograms).

What has the 2nd strongest bite?

The second strongest bite is the . It can bite through solid rock. The first is the . Both species are members of the genus . They live in various areas of Africa. The are found mostly in southern Africa and the in northern Africa.When feeding, the will dig into rock to find food. They may also use crevices to hide from predators. The will also eat roots and fruit. These animals are dangerous. When it senses something near its den, it will hiss or hiss again before attacking. It may even run at the danger before attacking.They have a powerful bite with a sharp blade-like front teeth that they use to kill small animals. When attacking prey, they can swim rapidly to catch it by surprise. This species can swim at around 4 miles an hour (6 km/hour).

What is the most deadliest bite?

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