What is the most

What is the most scariest thing in the world


Im a bit embarrassed to have to give this one, but: the ocean.Why is it scary? Its vast. Its mysterious. And, Im not sure, but I think it might be even more dangerous than a forest because it feels less personal? We know that every person is fragile and imperfect, but I think we assume that the ocean is perfect and unchanging which means that no matter how bad we are, the ocean never forgives.Conversely, it seems like if we started badly and were very bad people, the ocean would be so happy with us that wed never have to worry about being in it again (even though Im not sure the ocean is all that forgiving).Ultimately, I think what scares me most about the ocean is that theres nothing human about it. Theres no life there; no heart, no mind; just dark depths of watery nothingness. The god of oceans must be stoic or very sad or kind of lonelyI am so envious of people who can swim unaided. I grew up on a hill side in south India and had no opportunity to go swimming (and never actually saw anyone swimming), and now Ive given up swimming for fear of sinking all the way to the bottom.

What is the scariest event in history?

The rise of the Nazi party and the Holocaust is definitely one of the most terrifying events in history. From 1933 to 1945, over 12 million people were killed by Nazi Germany’s machinery of annihilation, including 6 million Jews. The Holocaust was a systematic effort on the part of the Nazi party to eliminate all Jews from Germany and Europe. They were stripped of their rights, property was confiscated from them, they were forced into slave labour and they suffered at various concentration camps. The Nazis did whatever they could to rid the country of Jews, including staging public executions and dragging them through the streets before shooting them in the back of the head. I have no words to describe how terrifying https://www.quora.com/What-is-the-scariest-event-in-history

What are the scariest things to humans?

The scariest things to humans are:1. loneliness2. being left behind3. being forgotten by someone special in your life4. being afraid of the dark5. the dark itself6. spiders7. the crying baby sound in your ears8. fear of people or rejection because of your appearance or age9. being judged for anything you do, even if it isn’t a real problem, by other people10. being stunned at something you see, hear, or think whilst you are somewhere alone like in a toilet or somewhere else alone like a car or train alone11. thinking that someone might be cheating on them and not letting them know despite them telling them they will cheat on them and even whether they actually will just to make the other feel bad and out of the blue um stop cheating on me with my boyfriend i don’t care you’re making me feel like an idiot and that’s bad so please stop doing that because i don’t like that so just stopbut it’s not happening but please tell me what are we supposed to do now because my life is turned upside down for no reason I don’t know what to do about anything anymore and if this is what you really want than I’m not going to be single anymore but I don’t want this to happen nooo but please tell me that’s not true because I really don’t know what to door what to think anymorebecause it feels like my entire life is falling apart (Please help!??).12. Finding something written in permanent marker on an object you love after you’ve cleaned it thoroughly a thousand times and trying to erase it the one time it appears again at a new place13. Driving home late at night after spending time with your family members who are all well-meaning and normal, when one of several weird/scary/violent things happens while driving which makes you wonder why there isn’t more police presence along dangerous stretches of road despite the fact that they are everywhere else while driving home alone late at night#END

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