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What is the most expensive watch in the world


there are many expensive watches in the world, but the most expensive watch in the world is limited edition Raymond Weil watches.They are very popular in luxury watch industry and so many people want to have one, however the production of Raymond Weil watches is very limited and this makes them very rare.The Raymond Weil watches are considered as one of the most popular luxury watch brands in the world. You can order this watch from Amazon or UHAPPY .The price of Raymond Weil watches depends on its different models and prices start from $ 2,000 only.

Who owns most expensive watch in the world?

A Patek Phillipe 5980P is the most expensive watch in the world as of 2017. It is worth Rs. 64, 48,000 (approx. USD 86500).This watch contains 120 components and was manufactured in 2018.This watch was gifted by the President of Patek Philippe to a collector based in USA.The Patek Phillipe 5980P represents the astronomical complications of astronomical and chronographic timekeeping. It incorporates an astronomical clock that can be set to both sidereal and solar time, as well as displaying a 4-hour indicator for night-time viewing. The time scale features various indicators, including 12 hour and minute hands, as well as a countersniper, with a precision representation of second hand that allows reading back or front of watch face up to 2 hours. Connectivity can be set with special divider to select either solar or sidereal time display on the dial (side A)

Which watch is the most expensive in the world?

In 2018, the most expensive watch in the world is the Breguet Tradition Classique Moon Phase, which can be purchased for a price of over $1 million. The Breguet Tradition Classique Moon Phase is an extremely rare and exclusive watch that is only produced in small quantities. The watch features an indication of both phase of the moon as well as day and night. The watch also features a mechanical self-winding mechanism that was developed by A. Ujfalvy & Co., which was created in 1864 and is based in Budapest, Hungary. The Breguet Tradition Classique Moon Phase is made out of 18k rose gold and also features a rubber strap that can be worn on the wrist with or without an additional metal bracelet. The Breguet Tradition Classique Moon Phase has been known to be one of the most unique watch on the market because of its indication that can tell you what time it is on both side of the earth at the same time, as well as its high value and scarcity.

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