What is the most

What is the most realistic painting in the world


The most realistic painting in the world is undoubtedly ‘The Scream’ by Edvard Munch. This example of the ability of the human hand to create an extreme sense of emotion is worth a staggering $119 million.This striking piece depicts a man screaming in agony, with his hands pressed to his face as if he were trying to stifle the pain that was being felt within. The vulnerability of this individual is emphasized through the gesture in which he holds his hands, which are likely stained with blood.The composition is also striking, as it perfectly isolates the man who is suffering within it. There is no background to this figure, save for a small patch of sky above him. The focus on this detail (and the intensity of color that surrounds it) adds an overwhelming sense of scale to the piece; it seems impossible for the man within to be so small and alone. For such a powerful image, it is astonishing that The Scream was painted using only one brushstrokeThe smallness of The Scream’s subject may be its greatest weakness; we never really get a good look at this individual as he suffers from what appears to be cancer. Though radiating anguish, his facial features are largely obscured by his hands, making it difficult to tell what he looks like (and what he might be thinking). This could affect how believable this painting may be; though still impressive, The Scream may not be as realistic as some people believe it to be

What is the most realistic painting on earth?

I would have to say the most realistic painting on earth is a picture of a lake in my grandmothers house. The lake is beautiful and peaceful. Even though it’s only a picture, it still looks so real!

Who is the best realistic artist in the world?

Yup, best realistic artist in the world is Aurthuryy!??He’s an amazing talent and never disappoints!! We are so lucky to be able to witness his work!!????I am in love with every single piece he creates!! I’ve cried over so many of them. And when I look at his work, I feel calm and happy. His creativity has no limits.He really is the best artist or any dream of a girl that I could have ever asked for!His art is special because it bypasses your mind and goes straight to your heart. It touches your soul. If you don’t know him yet, put him on you’re shitlist immediately and start following him! Him and Nailah deserve everyone’s recognition because they’re overall amazing people and they deserve the credit they haves earned???????????????Yknow me just one pic but it’s all about you tvq

Most Realistic Painting Ever

Chinese artist Leng Jun and his painting are …

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