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What is the most popular sport in tokyo?


The roar of the crowd can be heard from miles away when the Tokyo baseball season is in full swing. There is nothing quite like the feeling of being in the stands, surrounded by thousands of devoted fans, all cheering their hearts out for their favorite teams. The energy in the stadium is electric, and it’s no wonder that baseball is so popular in Tokyo; it truly is a sport like no other.

What is the most popular sport in Japan 2021?

In 2021, baseball is reigning supreme as the undisputed king of sports in Japan. According to the Japan Sports Agency’s 2020 survey, an impressive 40% of the population have expressed their undying passion for the sport, making it the number one choice among Japanese sports fans. While soccer, sumo wrestling and martial arts still remain popular, it is baseball that stands out as the most beloved and widely followed sport in the country, captivating the hearts and minds of its people.

What is the most popular sport in Japan 2022?

By 2022, baseball is expected to remain the undisputed king of sports in Japan. With an impressive 27 million spectators and an incredible 1.4 billion viewers, the sport is set to remain the number one choice for many years to come. The Japanese Baseball League continues to capture the hearts of fans with its electrifying games and captivating atmosphere, ensuring that baseball will remain the country’s most beloved pastime for years to come.

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