What is the most

What is the most popular pet in among us?


The mini Crewmate is one of the most sought-after virtual pets in Among Us. This customizable pet can be adorned with different colors, hats, and accessories to give it a unique look. Other popular pets include the Pet Hat, Pet Skeleton, Pet Alien, and Pet Imposter, each of which can be tailored to give it a personalized touch.

What do pets do in Among Us?

Among Us players may not have the power to bring their pets into the game, but they can still show their love for their furry friends by using them to customize their characters! Decorate your character with a pet to bring some extra personality to your game.

What is the cutest pet in Among Us?

There’s no denying that the cute pets of Among Us are all irresistibly adorable, with each one possessing their own unique and charming qualities. But when it comes to deciding which pet is the cutest, it’s a matter of personal preference – so crowning one pet with absolute certainty is simply impossible!

Can you have 2 pets in Among Us?

Sadly, it is not possible to have a menagerie of friends in Among Us. You must choose between a loyal pup or a cuddly kitty to accompany you on your journey. But, no matter which one you pick, you’ll certainly have a devoted companion to join you!

What are all the Among Us pets?

The pets in Among Us are:-Dog-Cat-Strawberry-Hamster-Glowy Squid-Glowy Skeleton-Glowy Slime-Pufferfish-Corgi-Dragon-Glowy Lizard-Glowy Alien-Glowy Unicorn


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