What is the most

What is the most biggest spider in the world


The most biggest spider in the world is The Dolomedes fimbriatus. These spiders are capable of swallowing small animals whole such as crickets, moths and even small frogs. They are found throughout the world except Canada.If you encounter a large specimen, it is best to slowly back away as they are known to aggressively strike at anything that moves within their field of vision. They are renown for their ability to run at high speeds up to 40mph and can climb smooth surfaces with ease. They have eight legs and two thin barbed bristles on the end of their front two pairs of legs which they use to harpoon their prey.They do not build webs but hunt deliactively from bushes or shrubs but occasionally come out of hiding if provoked. Their body is four inches in diameter with a leg span of seven inches which makes them the largest arachnid in North America.

What is the second biggest spider in the world?

The second largest spider in the world is a Brachypelma spp. the largest of which is 1.8 inches long. It lives in central and south America and can be found in places like Brazil and Peru.

What is the biggest spider in 2022?

The answer to this question is very difficult as there are many but the biggest spider in 2022 is the Anneignis spead (Anneignis lineatrix). It is a dangerous spider that attacks and kills insects and rodents. It has fangs which it injects with venom to paralyze its prey before eating them. It can grow up to 25 centimeter in length and have a leg span of up to 25 centimeter. This species lives in parts of Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia.


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