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What is the most polluted river in the world


The most polluted river in the world is the Cattaraugus Creek which flows through a small town in New York called Little Valley which has a population of just 548 people. The Cattaraugus Creek has almost 4 times more toxic PCBs and 1.5 times more toxic mercury than the creek in Beijing, China does. The toxins found in the Cattaraugus Creek include PCBs, dioxins and furans, mercury and lead. The main cause of the pollution in the Cattaraugus Creek is due to four paper mills that are all located along its banks.

What is the most polluted river in the world 2022?

The Ganges River is the most polluted river on Earth. The Ganges is a 75,000-mile watershed that drains 438,000 square kilometers of land in India and Bangladesh. The river passes through 14 states, including Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh, Odisha, West Bengal and Uttarakhand. The Ganges is the largest bi-national water body in the world and both its basin countries are one of the largest economies in the world. While inputs from both sides come together in large quantities along the riverwater from India and water from Bangladeshthe downstream receiving countries suffer much higher pollution loads than they contribute (more than 200 times more).

Which river is most polluted in the world?

According to a 2018 study, toxic chemical emissions from factories and other sources had contaminated water sources with some of the most common chemical ingredients in consumer products: benzene, bisphenol A (BPA), cadmium, chlorpyrifos, dioxin, ethylene dibromide, furan, and p-nitrophenol. The study was conducted by researchers at the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences (CAMS) and included more than 200 water quality samples taken across the country.

The world’s most polluted river – DW Documentary

The World’s DIRTIEST River

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