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What is the most poisonous fish in the world


Several types of fish have been responsible for human deaths and poisonings. Some of the most poisonous fish include:Bleekerichthys californianus – The California barrelfish, also called the daggerfish, is a deep-water species found off California and southern Baja California. These fish are small and have a blunt, rounded head with rows of bony plates running the length of its body. The California barreffish is highly toxic and has been responsible for a number of poisoning cases in Southern California.Ocythrops australis – The Sculpin is a Bottom-dwelling, predatory species which inhabits rivers and their estuaries from Alaska to Panama. It is a native of North America and often seen near dams as well as near marinas where it preys on small fish such as minnows, squat lobsters and crustaceans. Human fatalities are rare with only two documented cases having occurred between 1978 and 1984 from ingesting the fish.Arowana – The Arowana is an aggressive freshwater fish that originates in South America. It became the national fish of Brazil in 1984. This freshwater species reaches up to 1 m (3 ft 3 in) long (although most are around 2535 cm (1014 in) long). Its popularity in the exotic aquarium hobby has led to its introduction into many different parts of the world including Asia and Africa, where it is uncontrolled due to low awareness of its potential impacts on ecosystems. Human poisonings from Arowanas typically result from eating their meat or internal organs; however, this can lead to severe death if untreated.

What is the most poisonous fish to humans?

With only a few exceptions, all fish are edible if prepared properly. The type of fish is more important than the species and most fish can be cooked without any special precautions. However, some species are more toxic than others and will affect your health if you eat too much of them.The most poisonous fish to humans are catfish and piranhas. Both of these species contain a toxin called ?-N-carbamyl-?- D -glucosaminide that affects the nervous system and can cause convulsions, paralysis, and even death. Other fish with negative side effects include grouper, cichlids, puffer fish,Triggerfish and thornback rays.

What are the top 10 most poisonous fish?

Ranging from the tiny poison fish to the ever-feared puffer, here are the 10 most poisonous fish.1. Pufferfish (Javelin Fish)2. Asian Arowana (Variag Arowana)3. Goeidei Ebarine (Black Ghost pipefish)4. Sawtail Pipefish (Sawtail Pipefish)5. Humphead Wrasse (Gymnothorax curvidens)6. Lionhead Wrasse (Gymnothoracis curtus)7. Sawfish (Ptygma maria)8. Seawolf Fish (Thunnus almacoides)9. Bluehead Wrasse (Pseudomugil stellatus)10. Bluethroat Skunkpout (Nerracora tetrathyris)

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15 Most Poisonous Fish in the World

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