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What is the most eaten meat in the world


The most consumed meat in the world is beef followed by pork and veal. A summary of the most consumed meats in the world in 2017: Beef beats out all other meats with 144 million tons consumption worldwide, accounting for 74% of meat consumption. Pork comes second with 36 million tons consumption and 12%. Veal comes third with 9 million tons consumption followed by Lamb with 8 million tons consumption.The most consumed animal protein source is red meat, followed by poultry. Beef consumes the most on a per calorie basis at 385 calories per 100 grams; followed by pork with 296 calories per 100 grams, then veal at 235 calories per 100 grams and lamb with 220 calories per 100 grams.

What meat is consumed the most in the world?

According to the food reference website, the global meat consumption is expected to increase by 60% by 2050. Canada is the worlds largest meat consumer, with its population of meat-lovers consuming 30 kg per person per year. The U.S. comes in second, at 25 kg per person per year. The least meat-loving country is Luxembourg, with an average of only 5 kg meat consumption per person per year.

What are the 10 most consumed meat in the world?

1). Chicken2). Pork3). Beef4). Lamb5). Shark Meat/Lobster6). Caviar7). Fish Roe/ Roe8). Dog Meat9). Ham10). Goose Flesh.

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