What is the most

What is the most liked food in the world


Pizza has the most liked food in the world due to its versatility and delicious taste. Even though pizza is not native to any country, it is now considered as a World snack.Any food can be transformed into pizza by adding your favorite ingredients. There are no limitations to what you can add to your pizza as long as it tastes good.Some suggestions include: cheese, meat, veggies, fruits, nuts and seeds, herbs and spices.The Pizza is a very popular dish in most of the countries of the world. It was invented by Italian people and its name is derived from their native language which means The Counted Pie.

What is the number 1 food in the world?

The number one food in the world is a difficult question to answer as it depends on so many factors. However, based on taste alone, I would say bread is the number one food in the world. It can be enjoyed in so many different ways, made into so many different foods, and can be found almost anywhere. There is only one food that can rival bread in terms of popularity.Although there are many types of bread, my favourite type is naan bread. This bread is traditionally cooked on a tawa stove, which is a flat griddle-like pan with a flat top. To make naan bread, you first need to make patti dough by mixing all-purpose flour with water and salt. After it has come together in a dough, add more water to obtain the desired consistency for your bread. Then you shape the dough into small balls and flatten them into thin circles or squares using your fingers or a rolling pin. The next step is to cook the naan by placing them on a tawa griddle and cooking them until they are browned on both sides. The final step is to add toppings such as garlic chutney or tomatoes to enhance their flavour. Although this may seem like an involved process at first glance, once you learn how to make naan bread properly it becomes easy and quick to do all steps at once.Naan bread is eaten all over the world, especially in India and The United States of America where it originated from. It can be eaten alone or used as a base for other foods such as curry or pulao (rice pilaf). I hope this gives you an idea of what type of bread would be considered the most popular around the world.

Which food is liked the most?

Which is the food that we eat which is liked the the most?.I guess any one will like ketchup .and i am not joking .There are many of people who do not like this food but they eat it just because it is liked by us.But i might suggest you to try something new and then you will know what is liked most by us.

Top 10 Most Popular Foods In The World

10 Most Popular FOODS in the world!

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