What is the most

What is the most expensive guitar in the world


The most expensive guitar in the world is finite. The most expensive acoustic guitar I know of is a 12 fret Ovation guitar made in 2008 by D’Addario and called the 28-16 CE. It’s made on a secret production line for D’Addario, and each one is marked. The number 28 16 indicates the size of the nut and bridge on the headstock of the guitar. The CE indicates it’s an ‘extremely limited edition’. The only other extremely limited edition I’m aware of is the Taylor 214 L, but it only comes in two colours, black and white.The cheapest way to buy one will probably be through eBay, but as usual with highly collectible items, you’ll have to deal with ‘ bidding wars ‘ and they’ll probably end up selling for substantially more than you’d think. I paid around ?10k for my copy of the 214 L (D’Addario converted to Martin specs after experimenting with Born fingerboard tuning pegs) and that was a fair price – an amazing sounding acoustic guitar!It’s currently selling for around ?48k GBP or ?46k USD on eBay. But then again, it’s not likely to be produced again so if you ever have to sell it, you’re unlikely to find anyone willing to pay anywhere close to what you paid for it!

What is the most expensive guitar ever bought?

I think the most expensive guitar ever bought is this one by John Petrucci, which features a Frostbite finish, upon a mahogany body. It has a pair of Dearmondyte P-90 pickups, and comes in at $7500.Guitars can cost a fortune, but the most expensive guitar I know of is this one. I – with the sole purpose of expressing the absolute best sound of things- own it.Behold: https://www.fender.com/en-us/products/john-petrucci-jazzmaster-55th-anniversary-editionIt comes with matching headstock, fret markers, Fender gig bag and cable, as well as some whacked out plectrums for chords or soft strings for soloing (messing about). It also smells like something out of ‘the Walking Dead’ television series’.The logo is not indentable so it retains its shape on exposure to temperature fluctuation conditions. Don’t be surprised if you wake up in the middle of night after dreaming about it to be startled by the petrified position of your head on your pillow, and your ear drums screeching ‘it’s there again!!’. There are those who may gasp at this statement but frankly I’m not one of them because I’ve been banging my head against these walls significantly adequately for my entire life now.’A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes work’.

What is the rarest guitar?

There’s no exact answer to this as there are so many guitar models that are rare so we have to pick some from it. One of the rarest guitar models is the Gibson L1000SG. This model is a SG with an extra small body size. The following models are also rare, a Gibson ES-335, SG silver top versions and an SG alder 1973.

This Is The World’s Most Expensive Guitar!!

Top 10 Most Expensive Guitars In The World

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