What is the most

What is the most important animal in the world


The answer is Panda. The panda is your most important animal in the world because it protects the trees from being cut down and also has babies. It is one of the most recognizable icons in the world because of its yellow face with black markings and its binky black face. It has two different types of fur, a long haired one and a short haired one. The longer one goes down to the bottom of the panda’s legs, while the shorter one goes down to their feet. This helps them keep warm in all kinds of weather and terrain, like snow or windy places.The panda’s black face markings are also called ‘manchas’. They resemble a leaf shape but with no lines in it, so they look almost like a circle. These are split into two parts in some pandas; the central part forms a V-shape and the outer ring curves up toward the animal’s eyes. These markings give them their unique appearance that is so easily recognized.The panda’s body length can range from 70113 cm (2745 inches) and its weight can vary from 1359 kg(30130 pounds). They are herbivores that eat bamboo and leaves but also fruit if available. They have an equal sex-ratio, 7 pandas male, 6 pandas female. The birth period for pandas is around 2 months for cubs to survival testing around 3 months old, these cubs grow up very fast from 60-70 cm to 80-90 cm. So due to its short birth period it takes on such an important role clearing forests for new generation of Pandas..??

What is the most important animal on the earth?

The most important animal on earth is the elephant. There are more than 40 million elephants roaming the planet, and they play a vital role in the environment. Elephants help keep forests healthy by eating land-clearing plants and helping to keep roads clear of debris. Their bodies also create habitat for other animals, including carnivores. Additionally, elephants help farmers by trampling their crops and help prevent soil erosion. The benefits of elephant habitat are not only environmental but economic as well: a study found that places with more elephants earned four times the income of places without them.Elephants are also an important part of culture; in parts of Africa, for example, the elephant is thought to be a symbol of wealth and good fortune due to their ability to help harvest crops. In addition, even though they live far apart from humans, elephants have become one of our closest animal allies. They have been trained by the military to carry supplies and are now used in search-and-rescue operations by the US military and other agencies.If you love elephants and the natural world we share with them, you can make a difference by asking your government to protect their habitat through bigger protected areas, better enforcement of elephant protection laws, and encouraging landowners to coexist with elephants rather than confine them or kill them.’Thanks!

What are the 5 most important animals?

1). Polar bears are an amazing animal and they deserve to be on top of the list.Polar Bears have a thick layer of fat that keeps them warm even in the coldest temperatures. They also have a layer of fur that protects them from the water.They spend most of their time hunting for food in the polar ice caps. They need to eat lots of fat in order to stay warm and energy-filled. They can eat up to 40 pounds of meat every day!Interesting fact: Polar bears can swim up to 12 miles per hour! This is the second fastest animal on land behind cheetahs.2). Pandas are amazing animals as well. They are one of the few animals that are considered to be herbivores (feed on plants). Pandas love bamboo so much that they even make their own shelters out of it! This makes it much easier for them to find food in their territory. There are only 1,000 pandas left in the wild, so we need to protect them at all costs!

The MOST important animal on the planet?

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