What is the most

What is the most expensive cat in the world


There are many expensive cats in the world. One of them is Blue Denar, a male cat that has an estimated worth of 3.6 million USD. Blue Denar was sold by a Chinese individual named Zhang Yimin in May of 2017 at the Hen Carpets Auction House in Nanjing, China.Blue Denar is a rare blue Persian cat and he has the lowest deviation rate and success rate among all cats. He was registered by the Guinness World Records as the most expensive cat in the world.The second most expensive cat is Rosewood Xerxes who has an estimated worth of 2.5 million USD. He was also sold at the Hen Carpets Auction House in Nanjing, China, in May 2017 for 2,750,000 RMB or about 3 million USD.Another most expensive cat is Louis XV Faisal who has an estimated worth of 2 million USD. Louis XV Faisal was also sold at Hen Carpets Auction House in Nanjing, China, in May 2017 for 1,500,000 RMB or about 1.68 million USD per eye which is the highest price ever paid for a feline eye worldwide.There are more than 20 expensive cats in the world and they all have very high-priced prices because they are rare and they have certain distinct characteristics that make them unique and more valuable than other cats that do not have these characteristics.

What is the most expensive cat?

The most expensive cat is the Japanese Cryptic cat, which retails at $5,000.They are extremely rare and only one or two are ever kept by their owners. They are one of the smaller and leaner cats available and have beautiful markings, so they are very highly prized as pets. The Cryptic cat has a beautiful coat of jet black and silver with strong hints of blue. The eyes are a bright cobalt blue. They have a small body structure which makes them even more graceful on the ground than most other cats.With the popularity of these cats, there is always demand for more, which drives their price up even higher. This is a very specialist cat so if you are looking for a pet that you can take everywhere then this breed is probably not for you as they do require incredible care from their owners. In the USA they fall under MFA regulations and cannot be owned unless you have permission from them. They have a very expressive face and can be easily read by their owners, to show that they are happy or sad, angry or fearful in any situation.

What are the 5 most expensive cats?

In 2016, an extremely rare cat named Kiri Te Kiri Te was sold at auction for $NZ92,000 (about $US70,000). Kiri Te Kiri Te is a black leopard tortoiseshell female cat with striking white spots and white markings on her eyes, ears, and cheeks. She is one of just two known examples of the breed in New Zealand, and the only one available for sale.Kiri Te Kiri Te’s breeder, Crystel Tingaaletua of Southern Cross Cattery in New Zealand, said that she has never bred a more special or precious cat.Kiri Te Kiri Te is speculated to be almost as old as she is; she was abandoned as a baby and has lived as a feral cat her whole life. Her unusual markings may be due to a genetic mutation from inbreeding. Despite being in poor health before the sale, she was still able to fetch $NZ92,000 at auction.Due to her rarity and age, Kiri Te Kiri Te will most likely live out her days in Tingaaletua’s house or in a sanctuary. Or she could eventually be euthanized due to her poor health. Still, her price at auction confirms that she is much-loved – not just by her owners but by the general public too.- BoolPool

Top 10 Most Expensive Cat Breeds In The World


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