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What is the most expensive rock in the world


The most expensive rock in the world is the Mogao Caves in China. Each square metre of wall contains over 300 individual figures, some of which are more than 2m in height. The total value of these figures is estimated to be around $1 billion.The second most expensive rock in the world is the Baone Sculpture in China which contains 912 statues of Buddha, 472 statues of Buddha and 397 decorative sculptures. The entire statue collectively weighs more than 50 tonnes and each statue is individually worth over $US 1 million.The third most expensive rock in the world is Gudimela Statue in Zimbabwe which depicts a crowned Masenganyaka birdman (a spirit being of lightning and thunder). This statue, which weighs more than 40 tonnes, was sculpted from solid granite from Tanzania. The actual amount paid for this statue has not been confirmed but it is estimated to be around $US 1 million.

What is the most expensive stone in the world?

The most expensive stones in the world are: Blood Jasper, Black Onyx and Alexandrite.Blood Jasper is 100% blood red jasper with the blood-like matrix on the surface of it, and cut into small beads. It may look a little like gory show, but the beauty is in its heart. Blood jasper has been used for centuries to enhance meditation, inner clarity and balance. It also provides protection for its owner from harm and negative energy.Black Onyx is a highly prized gemstone that comes in a variety of beautiful shades. The stone is often confused with jet, but black onyx is actually a form of rock called hornstone. Onyx is an extremely grounding stone and it clears your mind of negative thoughts and emotions. The stone will help bring your desires to fruition while manifesting a vision board, aim or goal.Alexandrite is the most rare variety of gemstone in the world: it occurs only in one location in Russia’s Lake Taara and one deposit in Zapolyarny District was discovered to contain more than 95% of all the world’s Alexandrite specimens. The vivid emerald green colour makes this stone extremely valuable because it is so difficult to find natural stones of this rare colour.

What is the rarest rock in the world?

A common stone, basalt, is the rarest rock in the world. More than 50 million years ago an asteroid or comet hit Earth and flung billions of tonnes of basaltic rock into space. A small number of the rocks hit other objects and were trapped within them. These are then called endolithic fossils. They are found in all manner of places, from the spectacular to the mundane, such as freshly fallen snow, inside bone fragments and mouldy bread.Science-type: RARENB: Don’t plagiarise

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