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What is the most scariest animal in the world


It is not a surprise to hear that the most scary animal in the world is the one that we fear the most. In other words, its the animal that we are intolerant towards. The most scary animal in this case is none other than black bear.The black bears are known to be the biggest among all carnivores. They have ginormous jaws and teeth. They move on all fours, and they look like huge bear-like animals with a black coat and some white spots on it. However, their size is not as large as we think. One male can weigh up to 300 kgs while females weight up to 200 kgs.Their claws are said to be their deadliest weapon; they have eight of them, which enable them to catch anything or anybody with ease and painlessly tear it apart. Their speed in running is around 40 kmph; they can swim very well too, due to which they can home in on their prey easily even across water bodies such as rivers, lakes and ponds.These bears are considered to be very sociable creatures, especially when it comes to mating season. The young females usually live with their mothers until just after birth, after which they start living as survivors on their own through mothers guidance. In such a case, there are many things that these bears need; first of all, they need food and water so that they can survive through this process easily. Then they need some place with enough cover for shelter such as caves or shelter huts; once those things are available, mates come into play, who bring them the necessary fun toys such as logs and rocks to play with!

What is the scariest thing alive?

You know, I think the scariest thing I’ve ever seen was a lightning. I was sleeping in my tent in the woods and then something loud bumped into my tent. It scared me so much that the loud noise caused me to wake up. As I opened the flap of my tent, I saw this big lightning flash in front of me. It was so scary because I had no idea what it was. Thankfully, it didn’t rain but had a perfect blue sky with clouds. It was beautiful in a way but also kind of scary because it was so strange for us to see that.I’ve also felt some pretty frightening things in life though. The first one is being chased by a crazy person before I even became a teenager. When you’re so young and alone, you don’t know what’s going on or how dangerous it is. Before I knew it, he (the crazy person) came up behind me and started screaming at me. Luckily, his friend found him and took him away so that I could be safe again. But that was scary! The second one is when my mom died in an accident when I was 12 years old. When you lose someone so important to you, it’s hard for you to understand what’s going on and why something like this has happened to them too early in their life. It kind of feels like you’re losing part of your own family too?But now both are gone, but memories linger on, never to be forgotten?The last one is my lasting memory from a few summers ago?I had been traveling around the US alone since 2012 when I met some summer camp friends while they were at their house visiting over break?I went over to their house where everyone was hanging out outside using bananagrams or something like that?I was sitting there listening when all of a sudden the sky cracked open and there was this large lightning bolt falling straight down screeching across the sky with its sound echoing throughout the neighborhood?A few seconds later after seeing lightning falling from above shooting down straight towards us we heard thunder before another large bolt followed right behind it causing us all to jump up out of our seats crying out in fear just like that?It wasn’t very far above our heads now but it felt close enough to reach out and touch the electricity?it looked huge?its thunderous booming echo permeating the night sky as we sat just little kids not knowing what it meant?imagining all kinds of

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