What is the most

What is the most expensive liquid in the world 2021?


The most expensive liquid in the world is most likely going to be the highly anticipated ‘Teflon’, which is set to be produced by DuPont and has a market value of about $10 trillion. The name Teflon is actually a contraction of the words “tetrafluro ethane”, meaning a ‘four- Flouride molecule.”Teflon’ is a flammable liquid substance that was originally developed as a non-stick coating for pans. The main reason why it is so expensive is due to its high supply demand ratio, alongside its unique volatile qualities.There are only four American factories that produce ‘Teflon’ in the world. It has garnered so much popularity because it makes cooking easier and more efficient and can even cut down on health care costs, by reducing your chances of developing heart disease and cancer.

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