What is the most

What is the most expensive birthstone in the world


The most expensive birthstone in the world is Morganite, which is a variety of clear and pink beryl found only in Madagascar. This gem is the birthstone for February. It has been heralded as the new ‘fianc?e’ diamond due to its sky-high price. In 1999, a stunning 2-carat (61g) cut ring set with seven diamonds sold for $29.4 million, far surpassing the $13.5 million paid for a similar-sized engagement ring in 1984.

What are the 3 most expensive birthstones?

Quality birthstones are typically quite affordable, but with a little digging, here are some examples:1. Aquamarine – As the name implies, this birthstone has a watery appearance. It’s a soothing color that’s often associated with peace and calm.2. Diamond – A wonderful variety of birthstone, diamonds are forever. Their hardness and durability mean they can only grow more precious over time.3. Emerald – This stone is closely related to the beryl gemstone family and shares its unique properties. The emerald green coloring is only present in the finest specimens, making it a true luxury item.

How expensive is each birthstone?

Each birthstone has its own unique and beautiful qualities that make it so special. So, the cost of each can vary from person to person. For example, a person buying one diamond may pay a different price than someone buying four diamonds. Here are some approximate costs:Diamond $4,000-$5,000Garnet $200-$500Olivine $200-$500Jasper $200-$500Green Aventurine $150-$300Blue Aventurine $180-$350Aquamarine $200-$600Amethyst $300-$550Rhodolite Garnet $300-$550

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