What is the most

What is the most powerful gun in the world


The most powerful gun in the world is the HVT-80. It was designed by a team of engineers led by Victor Krasnoshtanov. The gun is fitted with four new type rotary electro-magnetic acceleration jamming devices with a capacity of 4 t.f (ton force). These devices can provide an overload of up to 240% over the normal parameters. The overload is caused by rotation, no matter in which direction, of a centrifugal-type device placed at the end of a shaft. By that, irregular openings in fireproofing masonry caused by an explosion or by torrents of water are created whose size may reach 1.5 m x 2 m and whose rotation period reaches from 2 up to 10 s at rates from 0 up to 1200 r/min. These openings are connected to a gyrophonitor with compressed air jets installed at their walls. Thus the rotary acceleration jammer creates an artificial whirlwind which blocks the muzzle flash, prevents the gun barrel from heating and burning up, breaks apart ball bearings and special armour-piercing projectiles as well as destroys steel shafts, bolts and nuts placed on a breakaway tripwire or simply hanging from cables.Besides, some weapons have achieved more striking power than others; they are more dangerous not so much because they are more powerful but because they possess other qualities. For example, during World War II German submarines could strike down an aircraft carrier in one blow due to the crews absolute surprise and panic on board (https://www.questio.com/inquiry/the-most-powerful-gun-in-the-world).

What is the world strongest gun?

The worlds strongest gun is a competition between China and the United States that started in 1989. The competition involves two contestants each firing a shot from a single-shot air rifle using a 3.2 mm steel cased round at a 5000 psi air pressure at 10 meters distance. The speed of the shot is clocked at around 430 feet per second with each contestant aiming for the center of a 4 inch diameter round target.The winner of the competition is determined by who can shoot the furthest and best center 5 hole target, which requires an average score of 3191 in 2017. Chinas Lanzhou National City Park Shooting Range Service invited 21-year old American archer Mike Corante and his Chinese counter part, Chen Kexin to compete in this event. With Corante becoming winner on September 15, 2007 after shooting 3237 out of 45 shots, he took first prize of $100,000 (approximately $85000 in 2017) and remains the worlds strongest human being till now.The US National Security Council was so impressed by Mike Corante that it invited him to be their official archer from May 2016 to May 2017 as a security envoy to China.

Which is the No 1 gun in the world?

There is no one gun that is the No 1 gun in the world. There are a number of guns that are the best in their class.A gun that is the best in its class is: Accurate – A good gun should be accurate both in its point of impact and at distance. If the gun is not accurate at both, it’s not likely to be very effective at either. Reliable – A good gun should not jam or misfire. If it does, you shouldn’t be surprised if someone dies. Durable – A good gun should last a long time without breaking down or needing to be repaired often. Convenient to Carry – A good gun should be small and light enough to easily carry concealed on your person.So your best bet would be a KelTec P11 or an S&W MP shield if you want a small, easy to carry, reliable pistol that can shoot accurately at both close and long range.

10 Most Powerful GUNS in the World in Action !

Most powerful guns in the world

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