What is the most

What is the most deadliest animal in the world


The most dangerous animal in the world is a difficult question to answer.Some of the deadliest animals in the world include:- sharks- alligators- Saltwater crocodiles, which are native to tropical and subtropical waters, are the most dangerous animals in the world because they can swim up to 20 miles per hour and are up to 20 feet long.Sharks are considered one of the top predators in the ocean, so they will often attack animals that are smaller or weaker than them, like rays and other sharks. This is why they are considered one of the deadliest animals in the world.Other animals that are considered dangerous include alligators, Saltwater crocodiles, wild dogs, and wolves. All these animals are very aggressive and territorial; if someone enters their territory, it could lead to an attack. Even though sharks and crocodiles are not as widespread as many other types of dangerous animals such as snakes or spiders, they still pose a very high threat to humans due to their potential size and strength.

What animal kills more humans?

This is a very easy one. The answer is cats. According to wildlife website, the National Geographic, According to records from the National Feline Voluntary Health Association, 8.2 billion human interactions occur each year with catsand of these, 1 billion involve touching the cat or its fur. The website also mentions that an estimated 70 million people own a cat, and of these owners, an estimated 60 million routinely pet their cats and that approximately 20 million Americans follow the feline lifestyle, adopting a cat as a pet or keeping one as a member of their family.. They also list some cute cat facts you may find interesting:1. Approximately 91% of American homes have at least one kitty2. Cats eat an average of 289 calories per day3. A female cat can have up to ten kittens in her lifetime4. A domestic house cat can live up to fourteen years5. The meow is thought to mimic the cry of a baby kitten

Top 20 Most Dangerous Animals in the World

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