What is the most

What is the most poisonous plant in the world


The most poisonous plant in the world is the Johnsonia pseudotuna (syn. Tuna scrofulacea). This species grows only in Brazil. Its hard to say how much poison it contains, because the poison is absorbed in the intestine and the victim dies of heart failure. The Johnsonia fruits are green and they have long stalks. They grow in clumps around trees, or on the ground. The Johnsonia plants are toxic, but its not clear whether or not they can cause death. Some animals dont eat them and die of malnutrition. Other animals eat some of them and die. There arent any reliable accounts of people eating them, but it would be safe to do so because there are no reports of anyone dying from eating this plant.

What is the most toxic plant ever?

There are a lot of toxic plants out there, and it’s hard to come up with a single winner. Some plants that are toxic to animals include: aconitum, amaranth, caladiums, coleus, pothos, Senecio, and yucca. Some that are toxic to birds include: lily of the valley, oleander, and Philadelphus. A few examples of toxic vines include: honeysuckle, wisteria, and rhododendron. Some plants that are toxic to humans include: castor bean, ginseng root, catechu, kava kava root, and angelica.

What plant kills the most humans?

There is a misconception that plants kill the most people by asphyxiation. This is completely false. Plants do not kill the most people. Scorpions are the top killers. They cause 200 deaths a year from snake bites. They also cause nearly 90 deaths from scorpion attacks alone.Scorpions outnumber humans by 15 times, and are responsible for 200 times more deaths per year. Deaths from snake bites and scorpion attacks will continue to increase as humans invade their territory.

11 Most Poisonous Plants in the World

World’s Most Poisonous Plant

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