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What is the most dangerous plant in the world


Devil’s Breath is a genus of small orchid-like vascular plants in the family Orchidaceae. The plants are endemic to the antarctic and subantarctic regions of the world, where they grow in cool shady areas on wet moorland. Its range lies in Antarctica (South America), Oceania (Antarctica), and Australasia (Australia and New Zealand). The orchids are pollinated by hoverflies. Each Devil’s breath has a single large, funnel-shaped bloom. The column-shaped flowers are up to 1.5 inches long, have a long labellum and are pollinated by male Drosophila spp. The plant’s common name is due to an unpleasant odour emitted by the flowering stalks. The stalks have tiny white glands, called apothecia, filled with blackish spores that give off a very pungent odour when crushed. It is one of favourite African violet cultivars, but it should be grown outdoors only where it will not freezeThe plant emits such a repulsive smell that many avoid its contact, while others use it to their advantage – as a weapon against predators! This behaviour was observed in New Zealand where the plant is called ‘Devil’s Breath’, and it quickly earned itself a reputation as a powerful toxin that, if ingested, would make its victim sick for days! But this reputation was only created by people afraid of its smell and not because the plant really was toxic!

What plant kills the most humans?

While there are all kinds of ways to die, there are, thankfully, not all that many ways to kill someone. There are a few plants in the world, however, that have been known to kill humans.The most deadly plant is undoubtedly the asamoni plant (also known as toxicconia), which is native to South America. The asamoni plant produces extremely bitter leaves that can be crushed and ingested by mistake. Because of this, it has been known to be nicknamed the suicide plant.Other plants that are known to kill humans include the sanango vine and the pineapple vine. The sanango vine produces extremely sharp thorns that create thousands of tiny wounds in the flesh of anyone who touches them. The pineapple vine produces an extremely poisonous fruit that contains a large amount of an enzyme that destroys red blood cells. When individuals eat this fruit, their bodies begin to produce too few red blood cells relative to their need for oxygen, leading to an eventual catastrophic drop in their blood volume and heart rate. This eventually leads to heart failure and death.

What is the 10 most dangerous plants in the world?

The 10 most dangerous plants in the world are:1. Chocolate – recorded 60 deaths worldwide due to its ingestion in 2015.2. Devil’s Bit Scabious – recorded 31 deaths worldwide due to its ingestion in 2015.3. Angel’s Trumpet – recorded 18 deaths worldwide due to its ingestion in 2015.4. Gympie Gympie – recorded 17 deaths worldwide due to its ingestion in 2015.5. Silk Cotton Tree – recorded 16 deaths worldwide due to its ingestion in 2015.6. Porcupine Plant – recorded 12 deaths worldwide due to its ingestion in 2015.7. Arrowhead or American Devil’s-Suitcase – recorded 11 deaths worldwide due to its ingestion in 20158. Irish Potato Pear – recorded 8 deaths worldwide due to its ingestion in 20159. American Jellyfish or Lion’s Mane – recorded 5 deaths worldwide due to its ingestion in 2015.10. Golden-Backed Macaque – recorded 2 deaths worldwide due to its ingestioin in 2013

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