What is the most

What is the most sour thing in the world


SelfishnessSelfishness is the most sour thing in the world, because even one persons self-centered act affects another persons life. If people only cared about themselves, then nobody else would be allowed to live at all. And thats not what humanity is all about.People should learn to put others first, rather than only thinking of themselves. Then everyone would be happier and more successful.

What is World sourest thing?

From my experience and observation, a lot of people lose hope. People tend to feel low, but this is not the right attitude and it is important to stay optimistic. The pessimists think dark and empty spaces are doing fine but in fact these are the places that need the most light. If you really feel like this, you will do great things to cheer yourself up rather than belittling yourself. Do not take life for granted and always value your loved ones more and more because the rarest things in life are those that are loved by many people. Whatever happens, don’t be afraid of it. Even if you loose it all and nobody loves you anymore, remember who is still here with you your family. If i was in your place I would focus on my children more than anything because they need you more than anything ever does. Thank you for reading my answer ??

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