What is the most

What is the most expensive pen in the world


The most expensive pen in the world is the $673 Wing Sung 100TH Anniversary Limited Edition fountain pen in gold and truffle scented resin, made by Sung Yin (??) and which comes with a box. The pen is available for pre-order from China, and will be produced by Jinhao (??). It is limited to 100 pens.The sheer construction of this pen is impressive. Both the gold-plated brass cone fill cap, and the gold-plated brass body part have a very good weight to it. The truffle-scented large resin body has a high-quality feeling to it. Its small size adds to its luxurious feel.The writer features Wing Sungs 100 years of history engraved on its back surface (limited edition). On the tip of this nib, along with the pinched gold-plated red ink channel, there is an engraved laser pattern that spreads out like rays of glory. All these beautify the nib while bringing out its fascinating visual qualities.In addition, there are also some more eye-catching rich golden details added on this pen: A box made of mother of pearl with gorgeous golden rope pattern, a golden one hexagonal button push cap, five fat golden rings on each tube snout end part of body, two thick golden rings located at the base tip of extended nib cover, two thick thin golden rings fixed on both ends of rubber grip section. At its tips, two thick thin royal blue lacquered dots are also placed as decoration, adding more chicness and beauty to this masterpiece.”via Glaurung’s Blog

What are the most expensive pens?

There are many expensive pens on the market, but there are a few that stand out as being some of the most expensive. One of these is the Mont Blanc Fineliner. This pen has been sold for as much as $200,000!There are also some custom pens that have sold for much more than $100,000. A custom Waterman 51 pen went for $115,000 and a custom Pelikan M1 pen went for $117,000.These are just a few examples of some of the most expensive pens on the market. They are certainly worth checking out if you want to buy an expensive pen!

Who has the most expensive pen in the world?

It depends on whom you ask. For some, a Montblanc pen is expensive. For others, an antique Bic ballpoint pen is expensive. It all depends on your definition of expensive.In terms of price per unit, the most expensive pen in the world is the Parker Duofold Standard Fountain Pen with Fine Nib (extra fine) – $30,988.00 USD

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