What is the most

What is the most cheapest thing in the world


Cheapest thing in the world is to reach out to someone you love and say I love you, have a great day, I am missing you. And feel that it may not be necessary to say it again if it’s nice enough for the first one then maybe.Cheapest thing in the world is to hold someone when they cry and rub their back because it truly serves no purpose but it feels nice and I would have held one of them my own self if it happenedCheapest thing in the world is to sit next to someone, watch tv together and not try to feel each other upCheapest thing in the world is to say I love you I don’t know why so much emphasis on that. It’s just a word that means so much. The cutest things are all on youtube. Like babies???? little kids saying I love you?????? Bunnies saying I love you???? Cows???? saying I love you?????????? Pilot whales???? Saying ‘I Love You’,’I Love You’.’Say What You Feel’ 2016’Riot Grrl (an emotive song by tumblr creator zoe Sugg)’????Thanks for your information.

Which country is the cheapest thing?

When traveling, it’s easy to get caught up in the idea that everything has to be the most expensive. But there are some things that are always going to be much cheaper than they would back home, and one of those is food. If you’re looking to travel on a budget, you should definitely try cooking as much of your meals as you can.Food is one of the largest costs in traveling, and if you’re eating out as little as possible, you’re saving a lot of money. Additionally, even if you’re not eating out, it’s still going to be far cheaper to cook your own food than it is to eat out at restaurants.

Who is the cheapest person of the world?

The cheapest person of the world is probably the girl named Lizzy who lives in the US. Her elderly grandmother lives with them and she earns 66 dollars a month, which is pretty much all her family earns.Because her family isn’t very well-off, they have to be really careful with their money. They don’t have any phone or internet and she has to walk to school because they can’t afford a car. The whole family gets by on a total of 10,000 dollars a year.Lizzy’s best friend was blind for five months after an accident. When she went back to school, everyone made fun of her and said she was lucky because she could see now. They made fun of her even though she couldn’t hear their laughter. But Lizzy understood what they meant and that broke her heart. She spent all day crying, but she didn’t want to tell anyone because it was embarrassing. So she stayed home alone and felt even worse.Lizzy’s mother found out from the other kids’ parents what had happened and when she confronted her daughter, the whole family exploded in tears because of how ashamed they were about how poor they were. They knew it was wrong to make fun of their daughter in front of other people. Even though things are really hard for all of them, they appreciate everything they have now more than ever before, because they know how blessed they are compared to so many children who have nothing at all!

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