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What is the world record for having the most babies at once


currently, a woman who gave birth to 11 babies all at once is the holder of the world recordThe woman, named Avantika Sharma, was born in India in 1987 to two unmarried parents. She was married at the age of 14 and became pregnant a few years later.In 2008 at her son’s wedding, she gave birth to her first child, Bhairavi, and lost consciousness shortly after for 40 minutes. Three days later she gave birth to her second child, Dharamvir, but lost consciousness again in between deliveries. Two weeks after that she gave birth to her third child, Achla Sachdeva. 20 days later she had another child, Akshata Pada. Separately in hospital from her husband and relatives, she gave birth to her last two children Akhilesha and Abhi all at once on 29 June 2011.

Has anyone had 10 babies at once?

There have been a handful of documented cases of women who have had 10 or more babies at once. The world record for simultaneous childbirth is 10, held by Dianne York of Australia and Sarah Stockman of the United Kingdom, who both had 11 sets of twins in 2008.There may be multiple reasons for a woman having so many pregnancies. Genetics can play a role, as can hormonal fluctuations. In some instances, women’s bodies may be physically or emotionally capable of carrying this many babies.If you are pregnant and have fewer than eight or nine baby bumps, congratulations! You are superwoman!If you are sick, bloated and miserable with fewer than eight or nine baby bumpstake a few pregnancy breath mints and move on. It is likely that you will still end up with more than one healthy baby with enough room to all fit within your abdomen!

What is the highest number of babies born at once?

The record for the highest number of babies born at once is 11, recorded in 2010 by doctors at a charity hospital in Bristol, England. The babies were born to two different couples over a period of five hours.

Woman breaks world record by giving birth to 10 babies at once!

Our triplets were born in different decades!

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