What is the most

What is the most visited website in the world


There are many websites that are the most visited in the world. One of the most famous websites is Wikipedia. This website is available in more than 260 languages and has more than 300 million users a month.Another website that is very popular is Facebook. This website gets more than 1 billion users a month. There are many other websites that are also very popular around the world, such as Google, YouTube and Twitter.

What is the #1 website in the world?

Probably Wikipedia, because it contains very high quality articles with tons of references and no agenda.

What is the most visited website 2022?

According to Alexa ranking website like Google, Youtube is most visited website in the world in 2022.Google will continue to be the most popular website with about 60% of the global market. However, Youtube and Facebook are expected to grow at a much faster pace. Of course, it is hard to predict what will happen in future but nevertheless we can have a clear idea of which websites will be popular by looking at the current scenario. According to Alexa ranking website, Youtube has a global ranking of 1 followed by Facebook and Google, respectively.

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