What is the most

What is the most violent country in the world


For most people, the most violent country in the world is self-evident- indeed, most of us would probably answer that it is one of the countries that has suffered most from violent conflict, such as Syria, Yemen, or Iraq.But there are, of course, those who might take issue with this generalization. They may point to places like Switzerland or Norway where the threat of violent crime is actually much higher than in more violent countries.Alternatively, some may argue that violence is an intrinsic part of life in more violent countries like the United States or United Kingdom. They may also argue that such violence (as well as other features of life in these countries) are so embedded in our culture and society as to be taken for granted by many.In a sense, all of this is quite correct; after all, we cannot actually ‘run away’ from life in the United States or United Kingdom by moving to Switzerland or any other country. But what this response misses is that it is possible to construct a ranking of global violence using a variety of metrics- each of which measures an aspect of life that varies substantially across different parts of the world.

Which is the most dangerous country in the world 2021?

although it is quite an impossible question to answer, I think it is safe to say that the most dangerous country in the world for 2021 will not be a country you expect. In fact, the answer may surprise you.I believe that the most dangerous country in the world for 2021 will be Hainan, China. In just a few short years, China has developed into one of the most powerful nations in the world, and it is not even done developing yet!China has rapidly improved its military capabilities, and it has plans to do so even more. As well as creating islands where they can build military bases throughout the world, they are also creating new weapons such as anti-ship missiles, underwater drones, and high-speed fighters.In addition to their military capabilities, China has set up an advanced spy network which can access almost any sensitive data they want anywhere in the world! This spy network is so advanced that even many of Chinas own citizens do not know about it!

What the most dangerous country in the world?

Without any doubt the most dangerous country in the world is Afghanistan. This is for two main reasons.Firstly, its a very unstable country where violent conflict is common. This situation forces most people to live in the cities, which increases their vulnerability to violent attacks.Secondly, the security situation in Afghanistan is extremely unpredictable and dangerous. It can change at any time due to different political, military, and socio-economic dynamics.


EL SALVADOR: The Most VIOLENT Country in the WORLD?

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