What is the most

What is the most valuable thing in the world


nothing is more valuble than love it comes in all shapes and forms & neither is it finite nor unlimited we all have something to give & to receiveWe can be patient, we can give space, we can listen, we can share our voice, you can be vulnerableit’s so beautiful the way we can do this to each otheri humbly thank you for being in my life??#quora##c##ending##self##question##EN## Struggle

What is the most valuable thing ever sold?

$119.5 million.The most valuable thing ever sold was a 1976 Omega Constellation that was sold at Christies in New York City in early November 2015 for $119.5 million, setting a new world record for the most expensive watch ever sold at auction.The Constellation was originally purchased by Swiss businessman Henri Wanner for approximately $50,000 in 1978 when it was on sale in Geneva for approximately $20,000a fact that has no doubt contributed to its high value today.The watch is one of only 58 made by the Swiss brand that year and is made entirely of 18-karat platinuman incredibly rare and expensive material to use in watches due to its high costwith accents of diamonds on the domed dial and bezel, forward and crown guards, and an engraved back cover bearing the Omega trademark. It features a timepiece complications dial with an 18-carat gold regulator bridge, gold winding crown and pushers, and a tachymeter bezel that can also display 24-hour time.

What is the single most valuable item in the world?

The single most valuable item in the world is your time.Time is the only thing you have that you cannot buy back.Time is the most valuable asset you have because it is the only thing that keeps on giving.Time is the only thing that never runs out and never values cost.Time is the only thing that keeps on giving even after youve run out of it.

The Most Expensive Thing In The World (2022)

Most Expensive Thing on Earth Takes Billions of Years to Make

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