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What is the most used app in the world


The most used app in the world is quite an obvious one, and no surprise either, as it has to be WhatsApp. This instant messaging app is used by more than 1 billion people worldwide to chat with friends and family.

What is the #1 app in the world?

The answer is a really simple one’Snapchat’Snapchat is the best and most fun app on the planet, period. Whether you’re shooting stories, trying to find your crush, or sending nudes to your exSnapchat has it all covered. Plus it’s super easy to use!So what do you have to do? Well send a naked picture of yourself or someone else (it doesn’t have to be anything too revealing) to the person you’d like to snap with and wait for them to accept (you can add their snapcode if you know it). After that you can start snapping away and soon your best friends will be in your Story.If that isn’t enough for you then there’s also the ability to add stickers, drawings, or text onto your snaps (or they can add text onto yours!). This is an amazing way to add something more personal to a snap such as a song lyric, quote, or even an emoji. There are so many possibilities with stickers!Of course we can’t forget about Stories. This is another way to combine snaps into one photo that lasts up to 24 hours before being replaced by another (it’s like having a time capsule). You can create all kinds of Stories with friends including ones that just recount a night out, life events, or even some silly ones! The sky is basically the limit here so have fun coming up with unique creations!

What is the most used app in the world 2020?

In 2020, the most used app in the world would be Spotify. Spotify is an app that can be downloaded for free on many different platforms such as Android, iOS, Windows, Linux and macOS. Spotify allows users to listen to music, create playlists and radio stations, and share them with other users. The app is available in over 70 countries and in more than 40 languages.Some other popular apps that would likely be used in 2020 include Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp and Facebook.

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