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What is the most southerly capital city in the world


The most southerly capital city in the world is Reykjav?k in Iceland. Reykjav?k is located at latitude 6336??5944? and longitude 2026??2417?.The geographic south of the planet is defined as the border between the Southern and Southwestern hemispheres, or the line between South America and Africa along the Equator. There are only a few cities that are located on the southernmost parts of their respective continents: Punta Arenas (Chile) in Chile and Port Bou, Cyprus in Cyprus.Undoubtedly, Reykjav?k is the most southerly capital city in the world, taking into account its location on both sides of the Earths Equator.

What is the most southerly capital city in Europe?

If youre looking for the most southerly capital city in Europe, youll find no better place to start than the Ionian Islands. A combination of geography and history has given this region of Greece its own independent nation status and its home to a number of small cities including Igoumenitsa, the most southerly capital city in Europe.Igoumenitsa is located on the south-easternmost tip of the Ionian Islands and is therefore often thought of as being at the very end of Greece. This is certainly not the case as a network of roads and ferries provide speedy links to Greeces two main islands of Crete and Euboea.Whats more, Igoumenitsa is surrounded by stunning nature in all directions including Kerkyra island to the east and the Skyros peninsula to the west. Because so much of Igoumenitsas geography is natural, it was awarded Unesco World Heritage Site Status in 2018 ensuring that it will be protected for many years to come.

Is Wellington the most southern capital city?

No, Wellington is not the most southern capital city. That title goes to Darwin, Australia.Wellington is the most southern capital city because it is located in New Zealand, which is part of the Australasian continent. The majority of capital cities in Australia and New Zealand are located on the two main landmassesthe Australian continent and the Pacific Islands, while many of the smaller islands are scattered throughout the ocean. As a result, the majority of Australasian capitals are located further south than their counterparts in other regions of the world.The most southern capital city in Australasia is Darwin, Australia. It is located on the northern tip of Australia and is just a short boat ride from the Timor Sea. The geographic centre of that continent is also located at Darwinmean sea level (MSL) at Cape Fourcroy, just north of Darwin Harbourso it has some special significance as well!

What is the Southernmost City in the World?

Ushuaia in Argentina – The world’s southernmost city

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