What is the most

What is the most safest country in the world


People who are on the path of awakening and seeking freedom from the cycle of birth and death should choose safe countries as their birthplace.Here are the safest countries in the world according to a report released by Globe risk index: -Liberia-Fiji-South Sudan-Eritrea-Yemen.

Is the US a safe country?

In terms of how safe the US is, there are a lot of views on this but I would say that the safest country in the world is Moldova. The reason for this is due to its size and low population density.

What is the top 20 safest country in the world?

The safest country in the world is difficult to determine, as safety depends on many factors. For instance, violent crime rates can vary greatly between countries, and are often impacted by local trends and laws. Furthermore, each person’s perception of safety is impacted by individual factors such as their experience with crime and the country’s law enforcement and judicial systems.Nonetheless, we can make some generalized observations about the safest countries around the world. Generally speaking, these countries tend to be wealthy and peaceful, with well-established governments and courts. They also tend to have low overall crime rates and low rates of violent crime.Here is a list of the top 20 safest countries in the world:1.Gabon2.Iceland3. Gabon4. Finland5. Switzerland6. Singapore7. Norway 8. Ireland 9. Denmark 10. Chile 11 12 Netherlands 13 Australia 14 Canada 15 Italy 16 United States Of America 17 Belgium 18 Japan 19 New Zealand 19140Info

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