What is the most

What is the most powerful pokemon in the world


without a doubt, the most powerful Pokemon in the world is Mewtwo. Mewtwo is the culmination of genetic engineering and cloning, as he is the result of the fusion of two Pokemon: Mew and DNA. As a result, he is far more powerful than either of his parent species. Furthermore, his abilities have been altered to suit his needs, making him more than just a simple base form Pokemon. In addition to his strength and speed, he has access to numerous powerful Psychic-type attacks, such as Shock Wave and Psywave. Although his Genesect form may be more powerful, I see no reason why he shouldnt be chosen as the most powerful Pokemon in the world.It should be noted that Mewtwo has never actually won any kind of battle in the Pokemon games at least not according to the main story. For this reason, many fans believe that other Pokemon are more powerful than him. Of course, in the real world, surgery like genetic engineering would make any Pokemon far more powerful than originally intended!

Who is the top 10 strongest Pokemon?

(These are based on strength not competitive viability).10.Zoroark (Dark and Ghost type) – Max Attack, Speed and HP.9.Gardevoir (Psychic type) – Max Attack, Speed and HP.8.Mewtwo (Psychic type) – Max Attack, Speed and HP.7.Mega Lucario (Fighting type) – Max Attack, Speed and HP.6.Gardevoir (psychic type) – One of the best Pokemon ever created, can take on most pokemon with ease.(you can dodge solar beams with your quicken boosts though!)5.Dragonite (Mixed Dragon/Flying type) – Have max attack and speed, also very high hp! with this you are unstoppable!4.Zoroark (Dark/Ghost Type). With this Pokemon you can take down any pokemon in one hit! Zoroak have high attack power with good speed too.'( You can dodge solar beams with your quicken boosts though!)3.Registeel . With this Pokemon you can just steam roll any Pokemon with 2 mega stones on! Regi , has one of the highest attack power amongst pokemon due to it being an amazing physical attacker./( You can dodge solar beams with your quicken boosts though!) Regi is used because he is awesome!’2 Mega Stones= Mega Stone of Reliability + Mega Stone of Steadiness’1:Mewtwo (Psychic-type). The only reason to use this Pokemon is because it’s damage output is ridiculously high due to it’s high special attack and a large amount of special defense!1: Gallade (Fighting/ Psychic Type). Gallade has high attack power due to his fighting nature and high hp due to psychic/ fairy typing!

Who is the most powerful Pokemon ever?

In my opinion, Mewtwo is the most powerful Pokemon ever. Mewtwo has the ability to change its DNA using special stones, which allows it to evolve into any Pokemon it wants. In addition, Mewtwo can use the powerful Psychic attack Mind Transfer to turn other Pokemon into its own mental slaves. It can also use this attack on its own body to become invincible and reach fantastic speeds. I don’t think I need to explain why this is so powerful.

Top 20 Most Powerful Pokemon Ever


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