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What is the most populated animal in the world


The most populated animal in the world is the rat. There are over 500 million rats in the world.Rat is the most populated species on Earth. More than one-fifth of all people on the planetmore than one billion peopledepend on the meat, eggs or milk of rats or their meat, egg or milk products.Rats are popular pets and livestock around the world because they are easy to care for and they reproduce quickly. Their burrowing and nesting skills also make them suitable for use in homes as pests control. However this, and their vermin status, make them unpopular in some countries, such as India, where alternatives such as mice are popular.

What animals are overpopulated?

A. A stock is overpopulated when the number of animals exceeds the environments carrying capacity.B. A species or population is overpopulated when the rate at which individuals are reproducing exceeds the rate at which individuals can be replaced.C. A predator species that requires more prey than it can capture quickly becomes overpopulated.D. A disease or parasite can quickly become overpopulated if it controls an herbivore population before all individuals reach reproductive age.

What animal is the least populated?

The monkey is the least populated animal based on the number of individuals. The global population of monkeys is around 100 million, which is 100 times less than the population of humans. While humans are considered to be the most populous animal on Earth, having a population of over 7 billion, the monkeys population is, in fact, very low.The next least populated species is the elephant, which has a global population of around 53 million individuals.In terms of sheer numbers, humans have a huge advantage over all other species. Despite the massive number of individuals that are present in our species, there are still roughly 7 billion more humans worldwide given our current levels of global population growth.

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