What is the most

What is the most popular tv show in the world


One of the more difficult questions to answer is which show is the most popular in the world, as there are so many ways to answer this.One way to look at it is by its global reach, so shows like The Voice, The X Factoires and American Idol all have significant followings around the world.Another way to view it is by its popularity in specific countries, so shows like Sponge Bob Square Pants and South Park are hugely popular in America, while Country music dominates in Britain.And one last way to look at it is to see which show has the most famous faces around the world. So shows like Game of Thrones and The Big Bang Theory have a large following around the world due to their well-known casts and writing teams.

Which is the No 1 show in the world?

The answer to this question is really simple. The answer is Game of Thrones. there are some other shows which are also the best in the world but let me tell you that Game of Thrones is no 1 show in the world.At first I was not much interested in this show but my uncle and aunt told me that it’s one of the best shows in the world and I was really excited to watch it and after watching one episode I was completely addicted to this show.In every aspect of show it’s fantastic. First of all it’s based on George RR Martin books which are amazing books by the way, so I think it deserves all the praise and success that it has got because of the great source material it has.I loved every character in this show, from Sansa Stark to Jon Snow to Tyrion Lannister to Cersei Lannister to Jaime Lannister and so many others but there are two characters who stole my heart from the beginning. One character is Arya Stark who is a tomboyish little girl who has never lost anyone she cares about and who is confused about everything and who always tries to get close to people even if they don’t want her around and then you’ve got Bran who is completely different inside than I even thought he could be possible because he can’t speak yet but he understands everything that happens around him and then you have Jaime Lannister who is good at everything he touches, whether it’s fighting or making love or riding a horse.

What is the most popular TV show in the world 2022?

I’m betting on the two most popular TV shows in the world in 2022 being The Handmaid’s Tale and Game of Thrones.The Handmaid’s Tale is obviously a tragic, but powerful tale that always grabs the public’s attention. Although it’s based in the near future, people will still find it easy to relate to.Game of Thrones is one of the most well-known TV shows in history and will likely always be popular. If you take out all of the deaths, Game of Thrones has more sex and violence than any other show on television. It will likely still be one of the most popular shows in the world by 2022.

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