What is the most

What is the most popular t shirt size?


Forget small and large, medium is the preferred size when it comes to t-shirts. It’s the size of choice for those who want to make a fashion statement or just pick up something comfortable to wear. So if you’re looking for a t-shirt, you can’t go wrong with medium. It’s the size that’s sure to please!

What sizes sell the most?

The popularity of sizes for any given product can vary. When it comes to apparel, medium and large are most often the top sellers. As for footwear, sizes 8-10 for women and 9-11 for men tend to be the most sought after.

What is the standard T-shirt size?

When it comes to selecting T-shirts, Men’s/Unisex Medium (M) is often the size of choice for many, a size that is widely sought after and chosen.

What is the most popular t-shirt style?

The evergreen crew neck t-shirt is an absolute essential for any fashion-forward wardrobe. It’s a trend-setting style that oozes comfort and versatility, making it the perfect go-to item for any occasion – from a wild night out to a chilled day in. Not only does it bring you effortless style, but it also gives you the opportunity to express your unique personality.

What is the best size to print on T shirts?

Size really matters when it comes to designing an eye-catching T-shirt. To make sure your design stands out without overwhelming the shirt, aim for a maximum of twelve inches in both width and height. That way, you can ensure your artwork makes a bold statement that won’t be missed.

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