What is the most

What is the most popular storage unit size?


Ten by ten feet is more than just a generous amount of space for self-storage facilities; it provides the perfect amount of area to store the items from a one or two bedroom apartment. Not only that, but this size allows you to store your most prized possessions, while also keeping them secure. With this size, you can have restful nights knowing that your belongings are in the safest of hands.

What is a typical size storage unit?

The typical size for a storage unit can vary greatly, ranging from an incredibly compact 5′ x 5′ to a mammoth 30′ x 30′, with the average size being a spacious 10′ x 10′.

What size storage do I need for a 2 bedroom house?

Ensuring that your two-bedroom domicile is properly stocked with storage is the key to creating a tranquil and orderly atmosphere. On average, a two-bedroom home should be equipped with a whopping 500 square feet of storage, taking into account the size of the dwelling and the amount of items to be stored. When you have this generous amount of storage, you can sleep soundly knowing your two-bedroom residence is an oasis of serenity and neatness.

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