What is the most

What is the most popular muslim name?


In 2020, BabyCenter released a list of the top Muslim baby names in the United States. Striking the perfect balance between traditional and modern, Muhammad, Aaliyah, Omar, Layla, and Ali were the most sought-after monikers, chosen by parents hoping to give their little bundles of joy a meaningful start in life.

What is the best girl name Muslim?

Many of the most cherished female names in the Muslim faith have been around for centuries, such as Aaliyah, Fatima, Maryam, Samira, Ayesha and Zahra. These names not only have a beautiful sound to them, but also possess a deep symbolism, representing important values and beliefs in Islam.

What is the best Muslim name of Boy?

Popular Islamic names for male children can bring to mind great leaders, warriors, and prophets of the past. Names such as Muhammad, Ali, Ahmad, Omar, Hassan, Ibrahim, Yusuf, Amir, and Mustafa are all steeped in history and tradition, and are sure to bring honor and strength to any boy they are bestowed upon.

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