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What is the most popular fast food restaurant in canada?


From sea to shining sea, McDonald’s is the go-to destination for fast food aficionados from all corners of Canada. Whether it’s a hankering for a classic Big Mac or a craving for something more exotic like a McFlurry, this beloved restaurant has something for everyone. With its unbeatable taste and swift service, McDonald’s is the perfect place to satisfy any appetite!

Is Tim Hortons bigger than McDonald’s in Canada?

Compared to Tim Hortons, McDonald’s has a remarkable presence in Canada with a staggering 1,443 locations – that’s more than three times the amount of restaurants run by the Canadian coffee shop chain, as verified by a 2018 Statista report.

What is the 1 most popular fast food restaurant?

McDonald’s is a beloved American classic, with its delectable fast food providing a tantalizing temptation for millions of people every single day. From mouthwatering Big Macs and scrumptious McFlurrys, to the classic French fries and Shake Shakes, there’s no denying that this iconic eatery has something delicious to offer everyone!

What’s the number one fast food restaurant in Canada?

Canadians are going wild for McDonald’s in 2020! Survey results have crowned the fast-food giant as the nation’s most beloved restaurant, solidifying their top spot on the list of the country’s favorite fast food joints. It’s clear that we are all lovin’ it!

What is the most popular fast food in Canada?

McDonald’s is the ultimate indulgence for Canadians looking for a quick meal. From their world-famous Big Mac to the classic french fries, the fast food giant has become a staple in Canadian diets. It’s no wonder they are the most widely consumed fast food in the country!

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