What is the most

What breed is number 1 dog?


number 1 dog is pomskypomsky is a cross between Brittany (spaniel) and husky, which originated in the Urals.Due to its strong physical constitution, long hair and captivating look, pomsky won the hearts of connoisseurs by the fifties.the name itself tells that this dog originates from the north of Russia.pomsky originates from a relatively small dog with thick fur and well-developed muscles.pomsky has a deeply pricked neck with powerful shoulders, narrow chest making it ideally suited for hunting.it’s got a stocky body and legs, typical for crossbred dogs.pomsky has a high-heart ratio that allows you to do sprints for miles without feeling exhausted.in addition to all those qualities, pomsky is quite intelligent, easy to train and gets on well with other dogs and cats.in spite of such positive traits, it remains one of the most popular dogs due to its exquisite appearance only.yes! you’ve heard right: pomsky can climb trees and even swim in water without fear or problems! that bit comes from it’s husky ancestor, who was very good at swimming.in addition to that ability, pomskies are surprisingly good hunters too!

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