What is the most

What is the most popular cat breed in the world


The most popular cat breed in the world is undoubtedly the Persian, with almost two thirds of cat owners choosing this breed. The Ragdoll cat and the Turkish Angora, are also extremely popular.There are many reasons why so many people choose the Persian cat as the most popular breed of all – they are beautiful, intelligent, sociable and loving. They require very little care and are very easy to train. The coat is easy to brush and is always clean and healthy.The Ragdoll cat is very affectionate and loves spending time with its owners. They are great for families who like to play games as they quickly become skilled at fetching games such as fetch-sticks and balls.The Turkish Angora cat has a gentle disposition which makes them ideal companions for elderly people or children. They love playing with children and can be taught tricks such as walking on a lead or sitting up on command.

What is the most popular cat breed 2021?

There are many cat breeds now but here are some that are most popular:1. Sphynx cat2. Siberian cat3. American Shorthair cat4. British Shorthair cat5. British Moggie cat6. Korean cat7. Russian Blue cat8. Norwegian Forest cat9. Japanese Bobtail cat10. Himalayan cat

What is the number 1 breed of cat?

I believe that it is impossible to pick one idea, so I will make it two. The first is of course the Sphynx, but I would also suggest the Maine Coon.I was raised on two Maine Coons and they certainly had a strong impact on my life in many ways. One of them was in what happened before they were born. My mother’s best friend at that time had a beautiful black and white Maine Coon named Kandy. I used to take Kandy out for walks and she liked to play with me, but I couldn’t keep up with her. Regardless, she wouldn’t stop running, so my brother and I started running after her, then she would turn around and we would run behind her again, back and forth like this for hours. This went on for quite a while until Kandy got big enough to eat meaty cat food. I thought it was hilarious as she would walk in front of us with her nose twitching every time we came near her bowl of cat food, trying to catch us in the act of stealing her food! Eventually though, she learned that we weren’t going to cheat on her and she eventually stopped chasing us around the house!My second cat is named Phoebe (but everyone in my family calls her ‘Pheobe). She is a tan Sphynx who is gorgeous! She loves playing with my youngest son who will chase her around the house even though they are both adults now! The only thing Phoebe hasn’t figured out yet is how to exit the shower stall! We don’t have a dog so Phoebe plays as much as possible because usually half of all furniture gets broken by some kind of feline cat fighting tournament at least once a week.The Maine Coon is a very intelligent breed known for it’s great intuition and ‘feel’ for its surroundings. They are very active and love to be outside playing or on their beds relaxing all day long (just like Phoebe does!). They love being stroked or scratched behind the ears which means that you can actually read their minds (unless they are reading yours too lol). So if you’re looking for an active independent cat with lots of character, you should definitely look into this breed!

Top 10 Most POPULAR Cat Breeds in the World


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