What is the most

What is the most painful sting in the world


Im not sure it is, but I would say was the stinging from a Brazilian wandering spider, or Tetero de jacar?. It is the most painful thing you can imagine, a million needles are under your skin at the same time. So painful that you cant even think of it! Maybe it wont be so painful once you get used to its pain. I had this happen with my cousin in Brazil when we were camping. I was stung three times but its never like this, the most painful sting for me were those small ones that climb your skin and make it wrinkle up like a gooseberry. If you look at them greenish red dots appear all over your skin, like an ant bites you. Its pretty bad!

Is the executioner WASP the most painful sting?

There have been many debates whether the wasp sting is the most painful or not, but we are going to keep it simple.Yes the sting is most painful. When the wasp stings you it pinches off your skin tearing at the same time injecting venom, so that you may experience more pain.Honestly there is no answer here, because everyone feel pain in different ways. If you believe that you don’t stings pain or if you believe that wasps sting pain is like a mosquito bite then do it!.People who don’t feel pain from a mosquito bite are called wimps and people who don’t feel pain from sting are called assholes

Which sting is the most painful?

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