What is the most

What is the most intelligent animal in the world


Data suggests that the most intelligent animal in the world is the chimpanzee.These primates are more intelligent than dogs and cats. It is true that dogs and cats have a high level of intelligence but chimpanzees are more advanced. This is due to their larger brain size and adaptable behaviour.As for the most intelligent animal in the world, it is difficult to choose between chimpanzees, dolphins and dolphins, pigs and elephants. All these animals have a high level of intelligence but it depends on your taste which one you like most.

What animal is most intelligent?

I think that the most intelligent animal is the octopus. Because of the fact that, the octopus has eight brains and each brain is connected to another brain through a nerve. And also because of the chromatophores.Because these chromatophores can change color and form shapes and can change their size or may remain same in size. It is difficult for me to write about these features one by one.I hope you understood what i am writing here. I think if those are combined, then it is quite difficult for any other animal to beat the intelligence of octopus.

What are the 10 most intelligent animals?

According to a study from the University of Oxford, chimpanzees may be the most intelligent animals after all.In a test that evaluated their ability to understand numbers and use that understanding to share resources, researchers found that chimps were more resourceful than any other species. They also performed better than orangutans and gorillas.The resource-sharing test used two boxes with food in them. Researchers trained each of the 12 chimps how to open one box without being scolded by the trainer. Once they mastered this, they were tested on their actual behaviour in the test.The chimp who opened box one the most times was rewarded with a grape. Researchers then measured how long it took each of the chimps to use this information to get grapes themselves. They found that the chimp who opened box one the most times spent 32% of the time getting its own reward versus only 11% of time spent getting another chimp’s reward.

Top 5 Most Intelligent Animals – BBC Earth

10 Most Intelligent Animals in the World

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