What is the most

What is the most favorite color in the world


The most favorite colour in the world is:Red: 12.3%Grey: 14.1%Blue: 16.7%Yellow: 18.7%Coral: 20.4%

What are the top 10 favorite colors?

1. Green2. Blue3. Yellow4. Red5. Pink6. Orange7. Purple8. Turquoise9. Brown10. Grey

What is the world favorite color?

The worlds favorite color is red according to a survey by Harris Poll.Some of the many things red is associated with include passion, energy, and love. It is also the color associated with romance and blood, which may explain why it was the worlds favorite color. The fact that it is also associated with danger may be why it is not the most popular color around the globe.

Probability Comparison: Most favorite Color

Probability Comparison: Favorite Colors

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