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What is the most expensive tv in the world


The most expensive TV in the world is the Nicolas Cage Dream-Maker, which is available for sale on eBay with a price tag of $500,000 USD. The TV features an eternal dream of Nicolas Cage and has 4K UHD Resolution. It is made up of 200 carats diamond, 43k gold and is an artistic sculpture. It was created by Sean Jung and Pankaj Bhadhel of Second Shadow Art Creation Studio.

How much does the biggest TV in the world cost?

How much does the biggest TV in the world cost?The answer to this question depends on a few factors, including the size of the TV and the brand.If you’re looking for a large-screen TV that has something special, look no further than the RAZER TV. With a screen size of 81 inches, it’s one of the biggest TVs on the market today. The screen is designed specifically for gamers, so you can watch your favorite action movies and sports games in stunning 4K resolution.Other features of this TV include Dolby Atmos sound, built-in Chromecast functionality and a powerful 120Hz refresh rate. It also supports HDR10 so you can enjoy vivid colors and detailed imagery.At this price point, there are a lot of options available. If you want to spend as little as possible, we recommend the AOC U3200PQU. It has a very similar level of picture quality but comes in at a much more affordable price.

Which TV brand is No 1 in world?

According to a March 2018 survey by YouGov, TCL is the most popular TV brand in the world with an 11% global market share. LG is the second most popular TV brand in the world with a 9% global market share.According to May 2017 data from research firm Strategy Analytics, LG was the leading TV brand in the US with a 17.7% share of the market, followed by Samsung (15.5%) and Sony (9%).

The Most Expensive TV In The World

Titan Zeus: The Most Expensive TV In The World

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