What is the most

What is the most expensive stone in the world


Now the most expensive stone in the world is…1. The diamond was named after its discoverer, Charles Thomas Ward of America. He stumbled upon it in Brazil in 1841. The diamond was named the The Star of South America.2. The Cook Island Blue Diamond was discovered on the island of Rarotonga in 1981. It has a weight of 292 carats and a value of $ 10 million (1).3. The Cullinan I diamond was found on the farm Bushmills near Drakenberg in South Africa in 1905. It weighed 345 carats before being cut into the 105.293-carat Cullinan I diamond (2).4. The Natural Blue Koh-i-noor Diamond is a flawless 77-carat deep sky blue stone with light violet hues (3).5. The Heart of Eternity is a 91-carat oval blue diamond that weighs more than 17 carats (4).

What is the most priceless stone?

The most priceless stone is the sunset. Without it, life would be incomplete.Hidden among the small and beautiful things of life are moments of great beauty, peace and clarity. We see the sunsets as a blessing, as if we didnt get them everyday.These are the moments we must cherish, because they come less frequently. Life would be incomplete without them.We must be grateful for them because they remind us to slow down, to breathe, to feel the cold breeze on our face. It would be impossible to feel like someone is missing in our lives if we werent aware of those things during the day.

What stone is worth more than a diamond?

A ruby is worth more than a diamond. Ruby has a higher value than diamond, because it’s harder and more precious.Diamonds have a high value because it is often used as investment and security. You can sell it in the future and get more money than with other stones like Emerald or Tanzanite. However, they are also valuable because they are often used in jewelry. So you can get more money by changing the jewelery with other stones that have higher value like ruby.

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