What is the most

What is the most expensive spice in the world


the most expensive spice in the world is saffron. It is worth more than $10,000 a kilo. and it has a bitter, pungent taste. it is best used in rice and meat dishes. so delicious1). Expensive Spice in World 2). Saffron 3). Taste #Spice##Value##Country## Kilo##Price##Info

What are the two most expensive spices?

The two most expensive spices are saffron and vanilla.Saffron is the worlds most expensive spice and is worth approximately $3,000 per pound.Vanilla is also a very expensive spice valued at around $35 per gram.

What are the 3 most expensive spices in the world?

1). Paprika2). Cardamom3). Black pepper

Top 5 Most Expensive Spices In The World

What is the Most Expensive Spice in the World

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